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Too many of our client's approach us wanting to update their old website and the shocking part of it is most of our client's old website's were mere online presences, a website should be an investment, a website should be able to offer a good descriptive of what you do as a business as well as what products and services you sell and possible have the ability to have your products and services purchased online.

An informative, well designed website should take the time and pressure off of your telelphone or admninistritive time, giving them more time to deal with more important things. More and more people will use the internet as a form of research and instead of picking up a phone and calling you a lot of people would prefer to read up on your services from your website in their own time before picking up a phone so it helps if you have an informative, attracitve website to look at, first impressions are only made once so it is important that that first impression has a positive impact on any potential customers.

Most companies do not have the time to understand the business side or the true potential of their websites, they often assume that the company in charge of their website's will worry about that side of things but in most cases most web design companies will design a site and simply have all the information on offer for the client which is often overlooked.

Is your website doing what it should be doing ?

If your website is getting one hundred visitors a day and your only getting one call or one sale then your website isn't working as it should be. If one hundred people entered your shop and only one person bought anything you would consider that a faliure, wouldn't you ?

It should'nt be any different when it comes to your website, afterall in most cases those people came across your website by typing in a keyword or keyphrase that your website was categorised on in a search engine so most of those potential customers were on the right page so to speak.

Would you buy from a website that looked poor or you couldnt navigate ?

Have you ever been ona website that often looks fine but you cannot figure out how to get to a certain page or find what you are looking for, i bet you closed in shortly after didn't you ?

We make all our web site designs as clearly labeled and as simple to navigate as possible with often multiple ways of getting around that site with simple tools such as Sitemaps & RSS Feeds which also help in search engine friendliness.

Simply put our Website Design service works, we don't use template's everything we create is custom made specifically for your business.


  Is your business in desperate need fo a redesign ?

If you run a business in or are just starting out, looking for web design services & are based in or around the Lake Distric Cumbria and are being hit hard in these difficult times then why not have a look at our web design payment plans we have available.

Check out our Web Design Portfolio to see samples of our work & if you are ready to go ahead then why not enquire about a Web Design Quote



Do you run a small Business & need a Website that works ?

A website should be an investment not just an online presence, we sell great looking, functional website's that earn you money and carry out their true purpose and that is to offer any visitor to your website the information about your products, services and business before they decide wether to pursue it and contact you. If you have a terrible website that potential customer is gone for good, but it doesn't have to be that way.
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